/ 5lAdE(r); `lAdL/ n
structure for climbing up and down sth, consisting of two upright lengths of wood, metal or rope joined to each other by crossbars (rungs) used as steps 梯子. =>illus 见插图.
(US run) fault in a stocking, etc where some stitches have come undone, causing a vertical ladder-like flaw (长统袜等的)梯形裂缝, 抽丝.
(fig 比喻) series of stages by which a person may advance in his career, etc (事业等发迹﹑ 进身﹑ 晋升等的)阶梯, 途径, 门路: climbing the ladder of success 攀登成功的阶梯 * He is still on the bottom rung of the political ladder. 他尚处於政治阶梯的最低一级.
> ladder v (a) [I] (of stockings, etc) develop a ladder(2)(指长统袜等)出现梯形裂缝, 抽丝: Have you any tights that won't ladder? 有没有不易抽丝的裤袜? (b) [Tn] cause (stockings, etc) to develop a ladder 使(长统袜等)出现梯形裂缝, 抽丝: She laddered her new tights climbing the fence. 她爬越篱笆时把她的裤袜给勾得抽了丝.