/ 5kINdEm; `kINdEm/ n
country or state ruled by a king or queen 王国: the United Kingdom 英国.
any one of the three divisions of the natural world 界(大自然的三大类别): the animal, plant/vegetable and mineral kingdoms 动物﹑ 植物﹑ 矿物三界.
(fig 比喻) area belonging to or associated with a particular thing or person 领域: the kingdom of the imagination 想像的领域 * the kingdom under the waves, ie the sea 大海.
(idm 习语) till/until kingdom `come (infml 口) for ever 永久; 永远: Don't mention politics or we'll be here till kingdom come. 咱们别谈政治吧, 否则一谈就没个完. to kingdom `come (infml 口) into the life after death 去天国: gone to kingdom come, ie dead 上天国了(死了) * The bomb exploded and blew them all to kingdom come. 炸弹爆炸把他们全都归天了.