/ 5dVQstIfaI; `dVQstE9faI/ v (pt, pp -fied)
[Tn, Tg, Tsg] show that (sb/sth) is right, reasonable or just 表明或证明(某人[某事])是正当的﹑ 有理的或公正的: Such action can be justified on the grounds of greater efficiency. 以提高功效为依据可以证明采取这种措施是 正确的. * You shouldn't attempt to justify yourself. 你不应想方设法证明自己有理. * You can't justify neglecting your wife and children. 你不关心妻子儿女是说不过去的. * They found it hard to justify their son's giving up a secure well-paid job. 他们难以理解儿子竟放弃了收入颇丰的稳定工作.
[Tn, Tg, Tsg] be a good reason for (sth) 为(某事)的正当理由: Improved productivity justifies an increase in wages. 提高了生产力理应增加工资. * Tiredness cannot possibly justify your treating staff this way. 你不能以疲劳为理由就这样对待职工.
[Tn] arrange (lines of type) so that the margins are even 调整(各行铅字等的位置)使版面四周空白均匀: a justified text 四周空白均匀的版面.
(idm 习语) the end justifies the means => end1.
> justifiable / 9dVQstI5faIEbl, also 5dVQstIfaIEbl; `dVQstE9faIEbl/ adj that can be justified 可证明为正当的; 有理由的: a justifiable explanation, action, use 合理的解释﹑行为﹑ 用法 * justifiable homicide, eg killing in self-defence正当杀人(如出於自卫). justifiably / -EblI; -EblI/ adv: justifiably cautious, indignant, proud, etc 有理由谨慎的﹑ 愤怒的﹑ 骄傲的等.
justification / 9dVQstIfI5keIFn; 9dVQstEfE`keFEn/ n
1 [U, C] ~ (for sth/doing sth) acceptable reason (for doing sth) (做某事的)正当理由: I can see no justification for dividing the company into smaller units. 我认为没有理由把公司划分成小单位. * He was getting angry and with some justification. 他生气了--事出有因. =>Usage at reason1 用法见reason1.
2 [U] arrangement of lines of type so that the margins are even. 齐行, 整版(为使版面四周空白均匀而对铅字等位置的调整).
3 (idm 习语) in justification (for/of sb/sth) as a defence (of sb/sth) 作为对(某人[某事]的)辩解: I suppose that, in justification, he could always claim he had a family to support. 我想他反正会以养家为理由来进行辩解.
justified adj 1 ~ (in doing sth) having good reasons for doing sth (做某事)有正当理由的: As the goods were damaged, she felt fully justified in asking for her money back. 因商品损坏, 她认为有充分理由要求退款. 2 for which there is a good reason 事出有因的: justifiedcriticism, suspicion, anger 事出有因的批评﹑ 怀疑﹑ 愤怒.