/ 5dVQNgl; `dVQN^l/ n
[U, C] area of land, usu in a tropical country, that is covered with a thick growth of trees and tangled plants 丛林地带(通常指热带国家的): There's not much jungle 100 miles inland. 向内地100英里丛林较少. * The new road was hacked out of the jungle. 这条新路是在丛林地带辟出的. * the dense jungles of Africa and South America 非洲和南美洲的茂密丛林 * [attrib 作定语] jungle warfare, ie war fought in the jungle, where surprise attacks by small groups aredifficult to anticipate or avoid 丛林战.
[sing] confused, disordered and complicated mass of things 混乱而复杂的大量事物: a jungle of welfare regulations 纷繁的福利条例.
[C] place of intense or confusing struggle 发生激烈或混乱斗争的地方: the blackboard jungle, ie school(s) where pupils are very disruptive and hostile to theirteachers 学生不守纪律并敌视教师的学校 * the concrete jungle, ie a typical modern city with a dense mass ofugly high-rise concrete buildings and in which life is bewildering and sometimes violent 高楼林立﹑ 乌烟瘴气﹑ 时有暴力事件的现代城市.
(idm 习语) the law of the jungle => law.
> jungly / 5dVQNglI; `dVQN^lI/ adj (infml 口) of, like or from the jungle or its inhabitants (似)丛林地带的; 丛林地带居民的.
# ,jungle `fever type of severe malarial fever 丛林热(恶性疟疾).