/ dVR:; dVR/ n
(a) [C usu pl 通常作复数] either of the bone structures containing the teeth 颌: the upper/lower jaw[]颌. (b) jaws [pl] the mouth with its bones and teeth 口部, 嘴(包括颌骨及牙齿): The crocodile's jaws snapped shut. ?鱼的嘴啪的一声合上了. * (fig 比喻) into/out of the jaws of death, ie into/out of great danger 陷入[摆脱]险境. (c) [sing] lower partof the face; lower jaw 脸的下部; 下颌; 下巴: a handsome man with a strong square jaw 长着一副结实的方下巴的漂亮男子 * The punch broke the boxer's jaw. 这一拳捣坏了那个拳击手的下巴. =>illus at head 见head插图.
jaws [pl] narrow mouth of a valley, channel, etc (山谷﹑ 水道等的)狭窄入口: the jaws of a gorge, canyon, etc 峡谷等的口.
jaws [pl] part of a tool, machine, etc that grips or crushes things (工具﹑ 机器等的)钳夹部分, 夹紧装置: the jaws of a vice 虎钳口. =>illus at vice 见vice插图.
[U, C] (infml 口) (a) long dull talk, usu giving moral advice 冗长的话(通常指说教). (b) gossip; talkativeness 流言蜚语; 饶舌.
(idm 习语) one's `jaw drops (infml 口) one shows sudden surprise or disappointment 吃惊; 失望: My jaw dropped when I saw how much the meal had cost. 我看到那顿饭要花这麽多钱真大吃一惊.
> jaw v (infml 口)
1 [I, Ipr, Ip] ~ (on) (at sb) talk at length about sb's faults, behaviour, etc (对某人的错误﹑ 行为等)喋喋不休地说.
2 [I, Ip] ~ (on) gossip 说闲话.
# `jaw-bone n either of the two bones forming the lower jaw in most mammals 下颌骨.