1 / dVB:(r); dVBr/ n
(a) cylindrical container, usu made of glass 广口瓶: I keep my paint-brushes in old `jam jars. 我把画笔存放在旧果酱瓶里. =>illus at pot 见pot插图. (b) this and its contents 广口瓶及其所盛之物或量: a jar of plum jam 一瓶梅子酱.
tall vessel with a wide mouth, usu cylindrical, with or without handles 罐子; ?子; 缸: large jars of olive oil 大罐子的橄榄油 * a `wine-jar 酒缸.
(Brit infml 口) glass (of beer) (啤酒)杯: We're going down to the pub for a few jars. 我们打算去酒馆喝几杯啤酒.