/ 5aItEm; `aItEm/ n
single article or unit in a list, etc 条款; 项目: the first item on the agenda 议事日程上的第一项 * number the items in a catalogue 给目录中各条目编号.
single piece of news 一则或一条新闻: There's an important news item/item of news in today's paper. 今天报上有一则重要新闻.
> item adv (used to introduce each of several articles in a list 逐条列举时用以起首) also (还有)一项: item, one chair; item, two carpets, etc 一项, 椅子一把; 还有一项, 地毯两张等.
itemize, -ise / 5aItEmaIz; `aItEmaIz/ v [Tn] give or write every item of (sth) 逐项列出或记载: an itemized list, account, bill, etc 分项开列的清单﹑ 记载帐目﹑ 帐单等.