/ 5IFu:, 5Isju:; `IFJ/ n
(a) [U] outgoing; outflow 放出; 发出; 流出: the place/point of issue 发出地[]. (b) [sing] instance of flowing out 放出; 发出; 流出: an issue of blood, eg from a wound 流血(如自伤口流出).
(a) [U] supply and distribution of items for use or sale 发出; 分发: buy new stamps on the day of issue 於邮票发行日购买新邮票 * the issue of rifles and ammunition to troops 发给部队枪枝弹药 * the issue of a new edition of this dictionary 这部词典的新版本的出版. (b) [C] number, quantity or set of items supplied and distributed at one time 一次发出﹑ 分发的数量或一套: a special issue of stamps/ banknotes/ shares 特别发行的邮票[钞票/股票] * emergency issues of blankets to refugees 向难民紧急发放的毛毯. (c) [C] one of a regular series of publications (出版物的)期号: the July issue, eg of a magazine 七月号(如杂志的).
[sing] (fml 文) result or outcome 结果; 结局: await the issue 等待结果 * bring a campaign to a successful issue 使一活动获得良好结果.
[C] important topic for discussion; point in question 重要的议题; 争论点; 争端: a vital, political, topical, etc issue 重大的﹑ 政治的﹑ 时事的...问题 * debate an issue 辩论一问题 * raise a new issue 提出新议题 * evade/avoid the issue 回避该问题 * confuse the issue 混淆该问题.
[U] (law 律) children considered as part of one's family 子女; 子孙: die without issue, ie childless 身故无後.
(idm 习语) (the matter, point, etc) at issue (the matter, point, etc) being discussed or debated 讨论或争议中的(问题﹑ 争论点等): What's at issue here is the whole future of the industry. 争论的焦点是这个行业总的前景. force the issue => force2. make an issue (out) of sth treat (a minor matter) as if it needed serious discussion like a major matter (像对待大事一样)处理(小事): It's only a small disagreement, let's not make an issue of it. 那仅仅是个小小的分歧--咱们别小题大作了. take issue with sb (about/ on/ over sth) proceed to disagree or argue with sb (about sth) (就某事)向某人提出异议或与某人争论.
> issue v (fml 文)
1 [Ipr, Ip] ~ from sth; ~ out/forth (from sth) come, go or flow out 出来; 出去; 流出: blood issuing from a wound 从伤口流出的血 * smoke issuing (forth) from a chimney 从烟囱中冒出的烟.
2 [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (to sb)/sb with sth supply or distribute sth to sb for use 将某物发给﹑ 供给或分配给某人使用: issue visas to foreign visitors 给外国游客签证 * issue warm clothing to the survivors 给幸存者分发御寒衣物 * issue them with warm clothing 发给他们御寒衣物.
3 [Tn] publish (books, articles, etc) or put into circulation (stamps, banknotes, shares, etc) 出版或发表(书﹑ 文章等); 发行(邮票﹑ 钞票﹑ 股票等).
4 [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (to sb) send sth out; make sth known 发出; 颁布; 公布: issue orders, instructions, etc 发布命令﹑ 指示等 * The minister issued a statement to the press. 部长向新闻界发表声明.
5 [Ipr] ~ from sth (fml 文) result or be derived from sth 由某事物得出或产生.