/ I5relEvEnt; I`rZlEvEnt/ adj ~ (to sth) not connected (with sth); not relevant (to sth) (与某事物)不相关的, 无关系的; 不切题的: irrelevant remarks 不相关的言语 * What you say is irrelevant to the subject. 你说的话不切题.
> irrelevance / -Ens; -Ens/ n [U] state of being irrelevant 不相关; 无关系; 不切题.
irrelevancy / -EnsI; -EnsI/ n
[U] = irrelevance.
[C] irrelevant remark, question, etc 不相干的言语﹑ 问题等: Let us ignore these irrelevancies. 咱们不必管这些不相干的事.
irrelevantly adv.