/ 5aIErEnI; `aIrEnI/ n
[U] expression of one's meaning by saying the direct opposite of one's thoughts in order to be emphatic, amusing, sarcastic, etc 反语; 反话: `That's really lovely, that is!' he said with heavy irony. ‘那真是可爱极了, 真的!’他故意说反话.
[U, C] situation, event, etc that is desirable in itself but so unexpected or ill-timed that it appears to be deliberately perverse 有讽刺意味的情况﹑ 事情等(其本身未始不可取, 但因出人意料或来非其时而似故意乖违): the irony of fate 命运的嘲弄 * He inherited a fortune but died a month later; one of life's little ironies. 他继承一笔遗产後一个月就死了, 有点时乖命蹇吧.