/ In5vClv; In`vBlv/ v
[Tn, Tg, Tsg] make (sth) necessary as a condition or result; entail 使(某事物)成为必要条件或结果; 需要: The scheme involves computers.这一设计离不开计算机. * The job involved me/my living in London. 工作需要我住在伦敦.
[Tn] include or affect (sb/sth) in its operation 包括, 包含, 牵涉, 牵连(某人[某事物]): The strike involved many people. 许多人参加了罢工. * a situation in which national security is involved 涉及国家安全的形势.
[Cn.pr] (a) ~ sb/sth in (doing) sth cause sb/sth to take part in (an activity or a situation) 使某人[某事物]参与某活动或陷入某情况: Don't involve me in solving your problems! 你解决你的问题, 不要把我拉进去! (b) ~ sb/sth in sth bring sb/sth into (a difficult situation) 使某人[某事物]陷入(困境): involve sb in expense, a lot of trouble 使某人破费﹑ 招惹许多麻烦 * He was involved in a heated argument. 他参与了一场激烈的争论. (c) ~ sb in sth show sb to be concerned in (a crime, etc) 表明某人与(某罪行等)有关联: The witness's statement involves you in the robbery. 证人的证词表明你与劫案有涉.
> involved adj
1 complicated in thought or form (思想或形式上)复杂的: an involved sentence, explanation, style of writing, etc 复杂的句子﹑ 解释﹑ 文体等.
2 (a) ~ (in sth) concerned (with sth) (与某事物)有关联的: be/become/get involved in politics, criminal activities, etc 与政治﹑ 犯罪活动等有关联. (b) ~ (with sb) (closely) connected (with sb) (与某人)有(密切)关系的: become emotionally involved with sb 与某人感情缠绵 * He sees her often but doesn't want to get too involved. 他常与她来往, 但不愿缱绻难分.
involvement n [U, C].