/ In5vestIgeIt; In`vZstE9^et/ v
[I, Tn, Tw] find out and examine (all the facts about sth) in order to obtain the truth 调查; 侦查: The police were baffled, and Sherlock Holmes was called in to investigate. 警方被难住了, 於是请福尔摩斯前来侦查. * Scientists are investigating to find out the cause of the crash/are investigating how the crash occurred. 科学家们正在调查失事的原因[事故是如何发生的]. * The police are investigating the murder. 警方正在调查那起凶杀案.
[Tn] find out detailed facts about (sb or his character) by questioning, observation, etc 审问; 审查: Applicants for government posts are always thoroughly investigated before being appointed. 申请担任政府公职的人总要经过彻底审查才能受到委任.
[Tn] try to discover (sth) by detailed study, research, etc 详细研究; 调查; 查明: investigate the market for a product, ways of increasing profits, etc 对某商品﹑ 增加利润的方法等作市场调查 * We might be able to help you; I'll investigate the possibilities. 我们也许能帮助你, 我要研究一下这种可能性.
[I] (infml 口) make a brief check 作简短的检查: `What was that noise outside?' `I'll just go and investigate.' ‘外面是什麽声音?’‘我去查看一下.’
> investigation / In9vestI5geIFn; In9vZstE`^eFEn/ n (a) [U] investigating or being investigated 调查研究: The matter is under investigation. 事情正在调查中. * It is subject to investigation, ie It must be investigated. 那事得进行调查. (b) [C] ~ (into sth) instance of this 调查研究: Scientists are conducting an investigation into the causes of the accident. 科学家们就事故的原因正展开调查. * carry out fresh investigations 重新调查.
investigative / In5vestIgEtIv; [email protected] -geItIv; In`vZstE9^etIv/,
investigatory / In5vestIgeItErI; [email protected] -gEtR:rI; In`vZstE^E9tRrI/ adjs of or concerned with investigating 调查的; 侦查的; 审问的; 审查的: investigative/investigatory methods used by the police 警方采取的调查方式 * investigative journalism, ie in which reporters try to uncover important facts of public interest which have been concealed 调查性质的新闻报道(记者追查并揭露被掩饰的公众关心的重要事实).
investigator / In5vestIgeItE(r); In`vZstE^etL/ n person who investigates 调查者; 侦查员; 审阅者; 审查者: accident investigators who find out the causes of air crashes 飞机失事原因的事故调查人员 * insurance investigators 保险事故调查人员.