/ In5venFn; In`vZnFEn/ n
[U] (a) action of inventing 发明; 创造; 虚构; 捏造: the invention of radio by Marconi 马可尼对无线电的发明 * a story of one's own invention, ie invented by oneself 自己杜撰的故事. (b) capacity for inventing 发明或创造的才能; 虚构或捏造的能力. (c) (euph 婉) making up of untrue or unreal things; lying 虚构; 捏造; 造假; 撒谎: I'm afraid he is guilty of a good deal of invention. 我看他撒了很多谎.
[C] thing that is invented 发明物: the scientific inventions of the 20th century 20世纪的科技发明.
(idm 习语) necessity is the mother of invention => necessity.