2 / 5IntImeIt; `IntE9met/ v [Tn, Tf, Tw, Dn.pr, Dpr.f, Dpr.w] ~ sth (to sb) (fml 文) make sth known (to sb), esp discreetly or indirectly 将某事透露(给某人); (尤指谨慎地或间接地)示意; 暗示: He intimated his wishes with a slight nod of his head. 他微微颔首示意. * She has intimated (to us) that she no longer wishes to be considered for the post. 她已(向我们)透露希望不再考虑让她担任该职. * The judge has not intimated (to the jury) whether they will be allowed to reach a majority verdict. 法官没有指示(陪审团)他们可否达成大多数裁定.
> intimation / 9IntI5meIFn; 9IntE`meFEn/ n (fml 文) (a) [U] intimating 透露; 示意; 暗示. (b) [C] ~ (of sth/that...) something intimated; hint; notification 透露的事; 暗示; 通知: He has given us no intimation of his intentions/what he intends to do. 他没有向我们透露他的意图.