1 / 5IntImEt; `IntEmEt/ adj
~ (with sb) (a) having or being a very close and friendly relationship 亲密的; 密切的: intimate friends 密友 * an intimate friendship 亲密的友情 * We had been intimate (ie very close friends) for some time. 我们曾经是极要好的朋友. (b) (euph 婉) having a sexual relationship, esp outside marriage 有性关系的(尤指婚外的): She was accused of being intimate with several men. 有人说她与几个男人关系暧昧.
likely or intended to encourage close relationships, esp sexual ones, typically by being small, quiet and private 便於有亲昵关系的(尤指性关系, 因环境范围小﹑ 幽静﹑ 无人打扰): an intimate restaurant, atmosphere 适宜幽会的餐厅﹑ 气氛.
private and personal 私人的; 个人的: tell a friend the intimate details of one's life 把自己生活中的隐私告诉朋友 * an intimate diary, ie one in which sb records private experiences, thoughts, emotions, etc 私人日记.
[attrib 作定语] (fml 文) (of knowledge) detailed and obtained by deep study or long experience (指知识)精通的, 详尽的: an intimate knowledge of African religions 对非洲宗教的广博知识.
(idm 习语) be/get on intimate `terms (with sb) (come to) know sb very well and be friendly with him (渐渐)熟悉某人且关系密切: We're not exactly on intimate terms, but we see each other fairly often. 我们虽算不上关系密切, 但还常见面.
> intimacy / 5IntImEsI; `IntEmEsI/ n
1 [U] (a) state of being intimate; close friendship or relationship 亲密; 亲切; 亲昵; 关系密切. (b) (euph 婉) sexual activity 性行为.
2 intimacies [pl] (rhet 修辞) intimate actions, eg caresses or kisses 亲昵行为(如爱抚﹑ 接吻).
intimate n intimate friend 至交; 知己; 密友; 挚友: Sir Reginald, known to his intimates as `Porky'. 雷金纳德爵士, 他的至交都叫他‘胖子’.
intimately adv.