/ 5IntEvl; `IntLvl/ n
~ (between sth) (a) time between two events (两事件中的)间隔时间: the interval between a flash of lightning and the sound of thunder 闪电和雷声之间的间隙 * go out, and return after an interval of half an hour 出去, 隔半小时再回来. (b) space between two or more things (物体之间的)间隔空间: They planted trees in the intervals between the houses. 他们在房子与房子之间种上了树.
(Brit) short period of time separating parts of a play, film, concert, etc (戏剧﹑ 电影﹑ 音乐会等的)幕间休息, 中间休息: an interval of 15 minutes after the second act 第二幕之後的十五分钟幕间休息.
pause; break in activity 停顿; 中断: an interval of silence to show respect for the dead 向死者致敬的片刻默哀 * He returned to work after an interval in hospital. 他住院一段时间以後又回来上班了. =>Usage at break2 用法见break2.
(esp pl 尤作复数) limited period during which sth occurs (某事发生的)一段时间: sunny/showery intervals, ie non-continuous periods of sunshine/rain 间中放晴[有雨]的一段一段时间 * She's delirious, but has lucid intervals. 她神志昏乱, 但时而清醒.
(music 音) difference in pitch between two notes 音程: an interval of one octave 一个八度音程.
(idm 习语) at intervals (a) with time between 每隔...时间; 间或; 不时; 时而: At intervals she would stop for a rest. 她不时停下来休息. * He comes back to see us at regular intervals. 他每隔一段时间就回 来看看我们. * The runners started at 5-minute intervals. 赛跑的人每隔五分钟出发一批. (b) with spaces between 每隔...距离: The trees were planted at 20 ft intervals. 这些树是每隔20英尺栽种一棵的.