/ In5t\:prIt; In`t[prIt/ v
[Tn] (a) explain (sth which is not easily understandable) 解释; 说明: interpret a difficult text, an inscription, sb's dream, etc 解释一篇难懂的文字﹑ 一篇铭文﹑ 某人的梦等. (b) make clear or bring out the intended meaning of (a character, composition, etc) 表明或体现(人物﹑ 作品等)的内涵: interpret a role in a play 表演剧中某角色 * interpret a piece of music, ie as player or conductor 演奏一首乐曲(任演奏者或指挥) * Poetry helps us to interpret life. 诗歌有助於我们阐发人生的意义.
[Cn.n/a] ~ sth as sth understand sth in a particular way 理解; 了解: `How would you interpret his silence?' `I would interpret it as a refusal.' ‘你认为他的沉默是什麽意思?’‘我认为意思是拒绝.’
[I, Ipr] ~ (for sb) give a simultaneous spoken translation from one language to another 作口译: Will you please interpret for me? 请你为我翻译一下好吗? Cf 参看 translate.
> interpretation / In9t\:prI5teIFn; In9t[prI`teFEn/ n (a) [U] interpreting 解释; 说明; 表明; 体现; 理解; 口译. (b) [C] result of this; explanation or meaning 解释; 翻译; 含义: the conductor's controversial interpretation of the symphony 该指挥对那交响乐曲值得商榷的理解* These facts allow of/may be given many possible interpretations. 这些事实容或[可以]作多种解释. * What interpretation would you put/place on them? ie How would you explain them? 你对这些作何解释?
interpretative / In5t\:prItEtIv; In`t[prItEtIv/ adj (Brit)(also esp US interpretive / In5t\:prItIv; In`t[prItIv/) of or concerning interpretation 解释的; 说明的; 表明的; 体现的; 理解的; 口译的: the pianist's considerable interpretative skills 那个弹钢琴的人深刻理解原作而表现的演奏技巧.
interpreter n person who gives a simultaneous translation of words spoken in another language 作口译的人. Cf 参看 translator (translate).
interpreting n [U] activity of an interpreter 口译.