/ 9IntE5fIE(r); 9IntL`fIr/ v
[I, Ipr] ~ (in sth); ~ (between sb and sb) concern oneself with or take action affecting sb else's affairs without the right to do so or being invited to do so 干涉; 介入; 干预: Don't interfere in matters that do not concern you! 不要干预与你无关的事! * It's unwise to interfere between husband and wife. 夫妻间的事最好不要管.
[Ipr] ~ with sth (a) handle, adjust, etc sth without permission, esp so as to cause damage (未得允许)摆弄; (尤指)弄坏: Who's been interfering with the clock? It's stopped. 是谁摆弄这钟来着? 已经不走了. (b) obstruct sth wholly or partially; prevent sth from being done or carried out properly 阻碍; 妨碍; 妨害: interfere with sb else's plans 妨碍某人的计画 * Don't allow pleasure to interfere with duty. 不要让娱乐妨碍了职责.
[Ipr] ~ with sb (a) distract or hinder sb 干扰或妨碍某人: Don't interfere with him while he's working. 他工作的时候不要打搅他. (b) (Brit euph 婉) assault sb sexually (在性方面)侵犯某人: The police reported that the murdered child had not been interfered with. 警方报告说被害儿童没有遭到性侵犯.
> interference / 9IntE5fIErEns; 9IntL`fIrEns/ n [U]
1 ~ (in/with sth) interfering 干涉; 干预; 摆弄; 妨碍; (性的)侵犯: I don't want any interference from you! 我用不着你来干涉!
2 (a) (radio 无) prevention of clear reception because a second signal is being transmitted on a wavelength close to the first 干扰: interference from foreign broadcasting stations 外来广播电台的干扰. (b) (computing 计) presence of unwanted signals in a communications circuit 干扰. (c) (sport esp US) (in ice hockey, American football, etc) unlawful obstruction of an opposing player (冰球, 美国橄榄球等)阻挡犯规.
interfering adj [attrib 作定语] likely to concern oneself annoyingly with other people's affairs, to try to control what they do, etc 好干涉的; 爱管闲事的: She's an interfering old busybody! 她是个爱管闲事的女人!