1 / 5IntrEst; `IntrEst/ n
[U, sing] ~ (in sb/sth) state of wanting to learn or know (about sb/sth); curiosity; concern 兴趣; 好奇心; 关心: feel, have, show, express (an) interest in sb or sth 对某人或某事物觉得有﹑ 有﹑ 表现有﹑ 表示有兴趣 * a topic that arouses, provokes, stimulates, etc a lot of interest 能引起﹑ 激起﹑ 唤起...很大兴趣的话题 * Now he's grown up he no longer takes any interest in his stamp collection: he's lost all interest in it. 他已经长大了, 对集邮不再感兴趣了, 完全失去了兴趣了. * do sth (just) for interest/out of interest/for interest's sake, ie (just) to satisfy a desire for knowledge (纯粹)因为有兴趣[从兴趣出发/为了兴趣]而做某事(以满足求知慾).
[U] quality that arouses concern or curiosity; power to hold one's attention 引起关心或好奇心的性质; 趣味; 吸引力: The subject may be full of interest to you, but it holds no interest for me. 这个问题即使你兴味盎然, 我也是兴味索然. * Suspense adds interest to a story. 故事中的悬疑情节更加引人入胜.
[C] thing with which one concerns oneself or about which one is enthusiastic 令人感兴趣的事物; 爱好: a person of wide, varied, narrow, limited interests 兴趣广泛﹑ 多样﹑ 狭窄﹑ 有限的人 * Her main interests in life are music, tennis and cooking. 她生活中的主要爱好是音乐﹑ 网球和烹饪.
[C usu pl 通常作复数] advantage; benefit 好处; 利益; 福利: look after, protect, safeguard, etc one's own interests, ie make sure that nothing is done to one's disadvantage 照顾﹑ 保护﹑ 保卫...自己的利益 * He has your best interests at heart, ie is acting for your advantage. 他处处为你的利益着想.
[C usu pl 通常作复数] ~ (in sth) legal right to share in sth (eg a business), esp in its profits (某事物中的)合法权益(如企业中的)(尤指利润): He has considerable business interests. 他有很多企业股份. * American interests in Europe, eg capital invested in European countries 美国在欧洲的权益(如在欧洲各国的投资) * sell one's interest in a company 把自己在某公司的股份售出.
[C] ~ (in sth) personal connection with sth from which one may benefit, esp financially 利害关系(尤指财务上的): If a Member of Parliament wishes to speak about a company with which he is connected, he must declare his interest. 下院议员若想谈论与其有关的公司的事, 则必须申明他和该公司的利益关系.
[U] ~ (on sth) (finance 财) money charged for borrowing money, or paid to sb who invests money 利息: pay interest on a capital sum 付一笔资金的利息 * the rate of interest, ie payment made by the borrower expressed as a percentage of capital 利率 * interest at 10% 利率为10% * [attrib 作定语] the interest rate 利率 * an interest-free loan, ie on which one does not have to pay interest 无息贷款.
[C usu pl 通常作复数] (often derog 常作贬义) group of people engaged in the same business, etc or having sth in common (企业等的)同行; 有共同之处的人: landed interests, ie landowners 土地所有者 * Powerful business interests (ie large business firms collectively) are influencing the government's actions. 强有力的企业集团影响着政府采取的措施. * [attrib 作定语] influential interest groups 有影响的有共同利益的各集团.
(idm 习语) in sb's interest(s) for or to sb's advantage 为某人的利益; 对某人有好处; 有利於某人: sth that is not in the public interest 不符合公众利益的事 * It would be in your interests to accept. 接受下来对你有利. in the interest(s) of sth for the sake of sth 为某事物的缘故: In the interest(s) of safety, no smoking is allowed. 为了安全, 严禁吸烟. a vested interest => vest2. (repay, return, etc sth) with interest (a) (finance 财) (give back a sum of money) adding a percentage of interest 加息(还款). (b) (fig infml 比喻, 口) (respond to an action, good or bad, by doing it to the doer) with added force 加重回报: return a blow, a kindness with interest 重重回击﹑ 加倍报答好意.