/ 9IntEr5Akt; 9IntL`Akt/ v
[I, Ipr] ~ (with sth) act or have an effect on each other 相互作用; 相互影响: chemicals that interact to form a new compound 相互作用形成新化合物的化学物质 * ideas that interact 相互影响的想法.
[I, Ipr] ~ (with sb) (of people) act together or co-operatively, esp so as to communicate with each other (指人)一起活动或互相合作(尤指为互相联系): a sociologist studying the complex way in which people interact (with each other) at parties 研究人们在聚会中互相交往的复杂方式的社会学家.
> interaction / -5AkFn; -`AkFEn/ n (a) [U] ~(among/between sb/sth); ~ (with sb/sth) interacting; co-operation 一起活动; 合作; 配合: Increased interactionbetween different police forces would improve the rate of solving crimes. 加强警察队伍之间的相互配合可改善处理罪案的效率. (b) [C] instance of this 一起活动; 合作; 配合.
interactive / -5AktIv; -`AktIv/ adj
1 ~ (with sb/sth) (of two or more people or things) interacting (指至少两个人或物)一起活动或互相合作的: The psychotherapy is carried out in small interactive groups. 这种心理治疗是在一起活动的小组之间进行的.
2 (computing 计) allowing a continuous two-way transfer of information between a computer and the person using it 交互式的; 人机对话的.