/ In5tensIv; In`tZnsIv/ adj
(a) concentrating all one's effort on a specific area 集中的; 密集的: intensive bombardment of a town 密集轰击某城镇 * intensive farming, ie aimed at producing large quantities of food by concentrating labour and care in small areas 集约耕作(旨在小块土地上集中劳力精耕细作以获高产的方法). (b) involving hard work concentrated into a limited amount of time 在有限时间内紧张工作的: They teach you English in an intensive course lasting just a week; it's quite an intensive few days! 他们用一周时间教速成英语课程, 那几天可真紧张!
extremely thorough 彻底的: An intensive search failed to reveal any clues. 经过彻底搜查未发现任何线索.
(grammar) giving force and emphasis 加强语气的: In `It's a bloody miracle!', `bloody' is used as an intensive word. 在`It's a bloody miracle!'一句中, `bloody'是用作加强语气的词.
> intensive n (grammar) intensive word; intensifier 增强语气的词; 强调成分.
-intensive (forming compound adjs 用以构成复合形容词) using or requiring a lot of the stated thing 集约的; 密集的: a capital-intensive/labour-intensive industry.
intensively adv.
# in,tensive `care (part of a hospital giving) constant attention in the treatment of seriously ill patients (医院中对重病人的)特别护理(病房): The accident victims are in/have been taken into intensive care. 事故受害者在特别护理中[已送进特别护理病房].