/ In5strQkt; In`strQkt/ v
[Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sb (in sth) teach sb a school subject, a skill, etc 教授某人学校课目; 传授某人技巧: instruct a class (in history), recruits (in drill), etc 教某班级(历史)﹑ 训练新兵(操练). =>Usage at teach 用法见teach.
[Tn.pr, Dn.w, Dn.t] ~ sb (about sth) give orders or directions to sb 向某人下命令或指示; 指导: instruct sb about his duties 向某人交待其责任 * They haven't instructed us where to go. 他们还未指示我们到何处去. *I've instructed them to keep the room locked. 我已吩咐他们那房间要上锁. =>Usage at order2 用法见order2.
[Dn.f esp passive 尤用於被动语态] (esp law 尤用於法律) inform 通知; 告知: We are instructed by our clients that you owe them 300. 我们的委托人通知我们说你欠他们300英镑.
[Tn] (law 律) employ (a solicitor or barrister) to act on one's behalf 聘用(事务律师或讼务律师)代表自己: Who are the instructing solicitors (ie solicitors who are employing a barrister to act) in this case? 谁是此案中聘请讼务律师的事务律师?
> instructor n person who instructs; trainer 教员; 教练; 指导员: a driving instructor 驾驶教练.