2 / 5InstEnt; `InstEnt/ n (esp sing 尤作单数)
precise point of time 当时: Come here this instant! ie at once! 马上到这里来! * He left (at) that (very) instant. 他立刻离开了. * leave on the instant of six o'clock, ie not a second later than six 六时整离开 * I recognized her the instant (that) (ie as soon as) I saw her. 我一眼就认出是她.
short space of time; moment 顷刻; 刹那; 瞬间; 片刻: I shall be back in an instant. 我马上就回来. * Help came not an instant too soon. 援助来得正是时候. * Just for an instant I thought he was going to refuse. 我脑中有一闪念, 以为他要拒绝了.