1 / 5InstEnt; `InstEnt/ adj
[usu attrib 通常作定语] coming or happening at once 立即的; 立刻的: a new book that was an instant success 一出版就大获成功的新书 * feel instant relief after treatment 医治後随即感到舒服了 * instant hot water, ie as soon as the tap is turned on 瞬间致热的水(一开龙头水就热).
(of food preparations) that can very quickly and easily be made ready for use (指食品的制备)调制快速方便的, 速成的: instant coffee, ie made by adding hot water or milk to a powder 速溶咖啡.
(abbr 缩写 inst) (dated commerce 旧, 商) (after dates 用於日期之後) of the present month 本月的: in reply to your letter of the 9th inst 兹覆本月9日来函.
[attrib 作定语] (fml 文) urgent 紧急的; 急迫的: attend to sb's instant needs 满足某人紧急的需要 * in instant need of help 在需要紧急援助时.
> instantly adv at once; immediately 立刻; 马上; 瞬即: an instantly recognizable face 一眼就可以认得出来的面孔. conj as soon as 一...就...: Tell me instantly he arrives. 他一到就告诉我.