/ 9InspE5reIFn; 9InspE`reFEn/ n
[U] ~ (to do sth) stimulation of the mind, feelings, etc to do sth beyond a person's usual ability, esp creative ability in art, literature, music, etc; state or quality of being inspired 灵感: Wordsworth found (his) inspiration in/drew (his) inspiration from the Lake District scenery. It was a great source of inspiration to him. 华兹华斯从风景优美的英格兰湖区获得灵感. 那地方是他灵感的巨大源泉. * Her work shows real inspiration. 她的作品表现出她很有灵感. * I sat down to write my essay, but found I was completely without inspiration, ie could think of nothing to write. 我坐下来写文章, 可是发觉自己毫无灵感(想不出写什麽). * (saying 谚) Genius is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration, ie hard work. 天才是10%的灵感加上90%的勤奋.
[C] ~ (to/for sb) person or thing that causes this state 鼓舞或激励人的人或事物: This woman's an inspiration to all of us, ie is so excellent that she inspires us. 这一女子就是鼓舞我们大家的人.
[C] (infml 口) (sudden) good idea resulting from such a state (心血来潮的)妙计, 好主意, 灵机: I've just had an inspiration: why don't we try turning it the other way! 我突然想到一个好主意, 我们何不试试向相反的方向转一转呢!
> inspirational / -FEnl; -FEnl/ adj providing inspiration 启发灵感的; 鼓舞或激励人的: an inspirational piece of writing 一篇鼓舞人心的文字.