/ In5spekt; In`spZkt/ v
[Tn] (a) examine (sth) closely 检查(某事物): The customs officer inspected my passport suspiciously. 海关官员颇为怀疑地检查了我的护照. (b) visit (sth) officially to see that rules are obeyed, that work is done properly, etc 视察(某事物): inspect a school, factory, regiment, etc 视察学校﹑ 工厂﹑ 团队等.
[Tn.pr] ~ sb/sth for sth examine sb/sth in order to detect the presence of sth 检查; 查看; 察看; 审视: inspect sb/sb's head for lice, dandruff, etc 检查某人头部有无头蝨﹑ 头皮屑等 * inspect an object for fingerprints察看一物件以寻找指纹.
> inspection / In5spekFn; In`spZkFEn/ n
1 [U] inspecting or being inspected 检查; 视察: On inspection (ie When inspected) the notes proved to be forgeries. 经检查发现钞票是伪造的. * after inspection (of the factory) for signs of inefficiency 视察(工厂)有无效率低的迹象之後.
2 [C] instance of this 检查; 视察: carry out frequent inspections 进行经常性检查.