/ In5sIst; In`sIst/ v
[I, Ipr, Tf] ~ (on sth) demand (sth) forcefully, not accepting a refusal 坚持或坚决要求(某事物): `You really must go!' `All right, if you insist.' ‘你真得走了!’‘好吧, 你一定要我走, 我就走.’ * I insist on your taking/insist that you take immediate action to put this right. 我坚决要求你立刻采取行动把事情处理好.
[Ipr] ~ on sth/doing sth require or demand (the specified thing), refusing to accept an alternative 一定要(某事物); 坚决主张: I always insist on wholemeal bread. 我一贯主张要吃全麦面包. * (fig 比喻) She will insist on getting up early and playing her radio loud, ie She always does this, annoyingly. 她老是一大早起来就把收音机音量开得很大.
[Ipr, Tf] ~ on sth state or declare sth forcefully, esp when other people oppose or disbelieve one 坚持说, 固执地声称(尤指别人反对或不信时): She kept insisting on her innocence/insisting that she was innocent. 她坚持说她是清白的.
> insistent / -Ent; -Ent/ adj ~ (about/on sth); ~ (that...) tending to insist; not allowing refusal or opposition 坚持的; 不容拒绝或反对的: She's a most insistent person; she won't take `no' for an answer. 她是个说一不二的人, 决不容别人反对. * You mustn't be late; he was most insistent about that. 你万不可迟到, 他对这一点最严格. * (fig 比喻) this job's insistent demands 此工作之硬性要求 * (fig 比喻) the insistent (ie constantly and noticeably repeated) horn phrase in the third movement of the symphony 交响乐第三乐章中反覆突出的号音. insistence / -Ens; -Ens/ n [U] ~ (about/on sth); ~ (that...). insistently adv.