/ In5s\:t; In`s[t/ v [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (in/into/between sth) put, fit, place sth into sth or between two things 插入﹑ 放入﹑ 置入或嵌於某物或某两物间: insert an additional paragraph in an essay, an advertisement in a newspaper, etc 在文章中加插一个段落﹑ 在报上刊登一段广告 * insert a key into a lock 把钥匙插进锁中 * Insert your fingers between the layers and press them apart. 把手指插入两层之间, 用力将之分开.
> insert / 5Ins\:t; `Ins[t/ n ~ (in sth) thing inserted (esp an additional section in a book, newspaper, etc) 插入物(尤指书﹑ 报等的插页): an eight-page insert 八页的附加页.
insertion / In5s\:Fn; In`s[FEn/ n
[U] ~ (into sth) inserting or being inserted 插入; 放入; 置入: the insertion of a coin into a slot 往投币孔塞进一枚硬币.
[C] thing inserted, eg an announcement or advertisementput in a newspaper 插入物(如在报纸上刊登的启事或广告).