/ 5InpUt; `In9pJt/ n ~ (into/to sth) 1 (a) [U] action of putting sth in 放入; 投入; 输入: the input of additional resources into the project 给这项工程额外注入的资金. (b) [C, U] that which is put in 投入物: an input of energy (to a system) (向某系统的)能量输入 * electrical input 电的输入. (c) [C] place in a system where this happens 输入端.
(computing 计) (a) [U] putting of data into a computer for processing or storage 数据输入(以备处理或存储). (b) [C, U] data that is put in 输入的数据. (c) [C] place in a computer where this is done 输入端: [attrib 作定语] an input key, code, level 输入键﹑ 代码﹑ 电平. Cf 参看 output 3.
> input v (-tt-, pt, pp input or inputted) [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (into/to sth) (computing 计) put (data) into a computer 将(数据)输入计算机. Cf 参看 output v.
# `input circuit (computing 计) circuit that controls input 输入电路; 输入回路.
`input device (computing 计) equipment by which data is transferred from a memory store to a computer 输入装置; 输入设备.