/ 9IndI5rekt, -daI5r-; 9IndE`rZkt, -daI`r-/ adj
not going in a straight line; circuitous 非直接的; 间接的; 迂回的: an indirect route 迂回的路线 * indirect lighting, ie by reflected light 间接照明(利用反光的).
avoiding direct or explicit mention of a topic; allusive 闪烁其词的; 不直截了当的: make an indirect reference to sth 暗示某事 * an indirect answer to a question 对问题的非正面回答.
not primary or immediate; not directly aimed at sth; secondary 非直接相关的; 次要的: an indirect cause, reason, result 次要的原因﹑ 理由﹑ 结果. Cf 参看 direct. > indirectly adv. indirectness n [U].
# ,indirect `object (grammar) additional object of certain verbs which refers to the person or thing that an action is done to or for, eg him (= to him) in Give him the money 间接宾语(如在Give him the money一句中的him即是, him = to him). Cf 参看 object1 5.
,indirect `question (grammar) question in indirect speech 间接疑问句.
,indirect `speech (also reported speech) (grammar) reporting of what sb has said (as compared with direct reproduction of sb's words) 间接引语: In indirect speech, `He said, ``I will come''' becomes `He said he would come.' ‘他说: ?我要来.?’在间接引语中变成‘他说他要来.’
`indirect tax tax that is not paid directly to the government but as an extra amount added to the price of certain goods 间接税(非直接向政府缴纳的, 而是将之加在某些商品的销售价上).