/ In5AdIkwEt; In`AdEkwEt/ adj
not sufficient or enough; not good enough for a particular purpose 不充分的; 不足的; 不够好的: The safety precautions are totally inadequate. 这些安全措施完全不合格. * inadequate supplies, income, preparation 不足的供应品﹑ 收入﹑ 准备.
not sufficiently able or confident to deal with a difficult situation 不足胜任的; 信心不足的: feel inadequate when faced by a difficult problem 面对难题觉得力不从心.
> inadequacy / In5AdIkwEsI; In`AdEkwEsI/ n
1 [C, U] (instance or example of) being inadequate 不充分; 不足; 不胜任: the inadequacy of our resources 我们资源的不足 * realize one's personal inadequacy 认识自己的不足.
2 [C] fault or failing; weakness 毛病; 缺陷; 弱点: the inadequacies of the present voting system 现行选举制度的弊病.
inadequately / In5AdIkwEtlI; In`AdEkwEtlI/ adv.