/ 5ImpQls; `ImpQls/ n
(a) [C] ~ (to do sth) sudden urge to act without thinking about the results 凭冲动行事(未顾及後果); 突如其来的念头: He felt an irresistible impulse to jump. 他突然有个无法抗拒的冲动, 想跳下去. * check/curb/resist an impulse 抑制[约束/遏止]冲动. (b) [U] tendency to act in this way 好冲动行事: a man of impulse 易冲动的人.
[C] push or thrust; stimulus; impetus 推动; 冲力; 刺激; 推动力: give an impulse to industrial expansion 促进工业的扩展.
[C] stimulating force in a nerve or an electric circuit that causes a reaction 神经冲动; 电路脉冲: nerve impulses神经冲动.
(idm 习语) on impulse suddenly and without previous thinking or planning 一时冲动: On impulse, I picked up the phone and rang my sister in Australia. 我一时心血来潮, 拿起话筒就给在澳大利亚的妹妹打了个电话.
# `impulse buying buying goods on impulse 凭冲动购买货物.