/ Im5pru:v; Im`pruv/ v
[I, Tn] (cause sth to) become better (使某事物)改进, 改善: His work is improving slowly. 他的工作在慢慢改进. * Her health is gradually improving, ie after an illness. 她的健康状况逐渐好转. * The Post Office aims to improve its quality of service. 邮局锐意改善服务质量. * The fertility of the soil has been greatly improved by the use of pesticides. 土壤施用杀虫剂後肥力大增. * He studied harder to improve his French. 他更加努力提高法语水平. * a new improved washing-powder 经改进的新型洗衣粉.
(phr v) improve on/upon sth achieve or produce sth of a better standard or quality than sth else 改进或生产出比某物更好的事物: The German girl improved on her previous best performance in the 100 metres. 那个德国姑娘在100米比赛中刷新了自己以往最好的成绩. * This achievement has never been improved on. 这个成就从未有人超过.
> improvement n
1 [C, U] ~ (on/in sth) action or process of improving; state of being improved 改进; 改善; 改良: cause a distinct/significant/marked improvementin working conditions 使工作环境有明显的[重大的/显着的]改善 * a slight, gradual, etc improvement in the weather 天气的轻微的﹑ 逐渐的...好转 * This year's car is an improvement on (ie is better than) last year's model. 今年的汽车是去年型号的改进型. * There is room for further improvement in your English. 你的英语尚有进一步提高的余地.
2 [C] addition or alteration that improves sth or adds to its value (改进某事物或提高其价值的)增加或修改: home improvements 住宅的装修 * [attrib 作定语] a road improvement scheme 道路改善计画.