/ Im5pCsEbl; Im`pBsEbl/ adj
that cannot be done or exist; not possible 不可能做到或存在的; 不可能的: It's impossible for me to be there before 8.00p.m. 要我晚上8点之前赶到那儿是根本办不到的. * It is virtually impossible to predict the future accurately. 精确预言未来的事实际上是办不到的. * an almost impossible task 几乎无法完成的任务 * It's an impossible story, ie it cannot be believed. 这不可能是真事.
very difficult to bear; hopeless 难以忍受的; 无希望的: an impossible situation 绝境 * Their son is impossible, eg He is very badly behaved. 他们的儿子无可救药(他品行极坏).
> impossibility / Im9pCsE5bIlEtI; 9ImpCsE`bIlEtI/ n [U, C]: the impossibility of any improvement 无改进之可能 * a logical impossibility 逻辑上不可能的事.
the impossible n [sing] thing that cannot be achieved 不可能做到的事情: ask for, want, attempt, do the impossible 要求﹑ 想要﹑ 尽力做﹑ 做不可能办到的事物.
impossibly / -EblI; -EblI/ adv: impossibly difficult 极其困难.