/ Im5pR:tnt; Im`pRrtnt/ adj
~ (to sb/sth) very serious and significant; of great value or concern 重要的; 重大的; 非常有价值的: an important decision, announcement, meeting 重要的决定﹑ 宣布﹑ 会议 * It is vitally important to cancel the order immediately. 最重要的是要立即取消这一定单. * It is important that students (should) attend/for students to attend all the lectures. 所有的课学生都应该去听, 这是很重要的. * They need more money now but, more important, they need long-term help. 目前他们需要更多的钱, 不过更重要的是他们需要长期的援助. * It's important to me that you should be there. 你应该在场, 这对我来说很重要.
(of a person) having great influence or authority; influential (指人)有很大影响或权威的: She was clearly an important person. 她显然是个有影响的人. * It's not as if he was very important in the company hierarchy. 他在公司的领导层中似乎无多大权力.
> importance / -tns; -tns/ n
1 [U] ~ (to sb/sth) being important; significance or value 重要性; 重大; 有价值: the importance of industry to the economy 工业对经济的重要性 * They attached very great importance to the project, ie They considered it to be very important. 他们对这项目极为重视. * a matter of the utmost political importance 有重大政治意义的事情 * These issues now assume even greater importance. 这些问题现在就显得更加重要了.
2 (idm 习语) full of one's own importance => full.
importantly adv: strut about importantly 神气十足地昂首阔步 * More importantly, can he be depended on? 更重要的是, 可以依靠他吗?