3 / Im5pR:t; Im`pRrt/ v [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (to sb) (fml 文) mean or convey sth (to sb) (对某人)意味着某事物或传达某事物: What did these developments import to them? 这些新情况对他们来说意味着什麽呢?
> import / 5ImpR:t; `ImpRrt/ n (fml 文)
[U] importance or significance 重要性; 意义: matters of no great import 无关宏旨的事.
[sing] meaning (of sth), esp when not directly stated (某事物的)意思(尤指未直接说明的): the hidden import of his speech 他话中的言外之意.