1 / Im5pR:t; Im`pRrt/ v [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (from...);~ sth (into...) bring (goods, ideas, etc) from a foreign country into one's own country 进口, 输入, 引进(货物﹑ 思想等): The country has to import most of its raw materials. 这个国家原料大部分靠进口. * cars imported from Japan 从日本进口的汽车 * meat imported (into the United Kingdom) 进口(到英国)的肉 * the latest pop music imported from America 从美国传入的最新流行乐曲. Cf 参看 export2.
> importation / 9ImpR:5teIFn; 9ImpRr`teFEn/ n [U, C]: a ban on the importation of drugs 禁止毒品进口的法令.
importer n person, company, etc that imports goods or services 从事进口商品或服务的人或公司: the country's largest importer of tobacco 全国最大的烟草进口商.