/ Im5plaI; Im`plaI/ v (pt, pp implied)
[Tn, Tf] suggest (sth) indirectly rather than state it directly; hint 含有...的意思; 暗示; 暗指: His silence implied agreement. 他沉默不语意味着同意了. * implied criticism 暗含的批评 * I don't wish to imply that you are wrong. 我无意暗示你错了.
[Tn] suggest (sth) as a logical consequence; entail 必然包含(某事物); 使(某事物)必然产生或有必要: Freedom does not necessarily imply responsibility. 自由不一定包含着责任. * The fact she was here implies a degree of interest. 她当时在场, 这一事实就意味着她有一定程度的兴趣. Cf 参看 infer.