/ Im5pIErIEl; Im`pIrIEl/ adj
[usu attrib 通常作定语] (a) of an empire or its ruler(s) 帝国的; 帝王的; 皇帝的: the imperial palace, guards, servants 皇宫﹑ 皇家卫士﹑ 皇帝的侍从 * imperial power, trade 皇权﹑ 帝国的贸易. (b) like or characteristic of such rulers; majestic 至高无上的; 帝王般的; 威严的: with imperial generosity 宽宏大量地.
[attrib 作定语] belonging to a legal non-metric system of weights and measures formerly used in the United Kingdom for all goods and still used for certain goods 英制的(非公制的度量衡制, 旧时用於所有物品, 现仍用於某些物品): an imperial pint, gallon, pound, etc 英制品脱﹑ 加仑﹑ 磅等. > imperially/-rIElI; -rIElI/ adv.