/ I5mju:n; I`mjun/ adj [usu pred 通常作表语]
~ (to/against sth) that cannot be harmed by a disease or illness, either because of inoculation or through natural resistance 有免疫力(因接种疫苗或自发的): I'm immune to smallpox as a result of vaccination. 我种过牛痘了, 所以对天花有免疫力.
~ (to sth) not affected by sth; not susceptible to sth 不受某事物影响; 不易感受某事物: immune to criticism, abuse, opposition, etc 不为批评﹑ 漫骂﹑ 反对等所动摇.
~ (from sth) protected or exempt from sth (对某事物)免除, 豁免: immune from additional taxes 免纳附加税 * immune from prosecution 免予起诉.
> immunity / I5mju:nEtI; I`mjunEtI/ n [U]
1 ~ (to/against sth) ability to resist infection, disease, etc 免疫力: immunity to measles 对麻疹的免疫力 * This vaccine will give you immunity for two years. 接种这种疫苗可有两年的免疫力.
2 ~ (to sth) ability to be unaffected by sth 不受某事物影响的能力: immunity to criticism 不受批评的影响.
3 ~ (from sth) ability to be protected or exempt from sth 受保护; 免除; 豁免: immunity from prosecution 免予起诉 * diplomatic immunity 外交豁免权.
immunize, -ise / 5ImjUnaIz; `ImjJ9naIz/ v [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sb (against sth) make sb immune (to a disease or infection), esp by injecting him with a vaccine 使某人免疫(尤指通过注射疫苗): Have you been immunized (against smallpox) yet? 你接种过(抗天花)疫苗没有? Cf 参看 inoculate, vaccinate. immunization, -isation / 9ImjUnaI5zeIFn; [email protected] -nI5z-; 9ImjJnE`zeFEn/ n [U, C]: government plans for (a) mass immunization against measles 政府的大规模麻疹免疫注射计画.
immunology / 9ImjU5nClEdVI; 9ImjJ`nBlEdVI/ n [U] scientific study of protection against and resistance to infection 免疫学.