/ I5mAdVIn; I`mAdVIn/ v
[Tn, Tf, Tw, Tg, Tsg, Cn.a, Cn.pr, Cn.t] form a mental image of (sth) 想像, 设想(某事物): Imagine a house with a big garden. 设想有一所带大花园的房子. * Imagine that you are in London. 想像一下你正在伦敦吧. * Can you imagine what it would be like to live without electricity? 你能想像出生活中没有电会是一幅什麽样的情景吗? * She imagined walking into the office and telling everyone what she thought of them. 她想像自己走进办公室, 对每个人都说出自己对他们的看法. * Imagine yourself (to be) rich and famous. 想像一下你又有钱, 又有名的情况.
[Tf, Tw, Tg, Tsg] think of (sth) as probable or possible 料想, 设想, 想到(某事物): I can't imagine that anyone cares what I do. 我想不出谁会关心我的所作所为. * I can't imagine living (ie don't think I shall ever live) anywhere but England. 我很难设想能到英国以外的地方去生活. * Would you ever have imagined him/his becoming a politician? 你怎能料想到他竟当上政治家了?
[Tn, Tf] suppose (sth); assume 猜想(某事物); 认为: I imagine (that) he'll be there. 我猜他会到那儿去.