/ 5IlEstreIt; `IlEstret/ v [Tn]
supply (sth) with pictures, diagrams, etc 为(某物)作插图或图表: illustrate a book, magazine, lecture 给书﹑ 杂志﹑ 讲义作插图 * a well-illustrated textbook 有精美插图的教科书.
(a) explain or make (sth) clear by examples, diagrams, pictures, etc (用示例﹑ 图表等)说明, 阐明(某事物): To illustrate my point I have done a comparative analysis. 为说明我的观点, 我做了对比分析. (b) be an example of (sth) 表明或显示为(某事物)的例证: This behaviour illustrates your selfishness. 你的行为说明你很自私.
> illustration / 9IlE5streIFn; 9IlEs`treFEn/ n
1 [U] illustrating or being illustrated 作插图; 图解; 图示; 示例; 举例说明: the art of book illustration 书籍的插图艺术 * Illustration is often more useful than definition for showing what words mean. 用图解或示例解释词义往往比用定义解释更清楚.
2 [C] drawing, diagram or picture in a book, magazine, etc 书或杂志上的图画﹑ 图表﹑ 照片: colour illustrations 彩色插图.
3 [C] example used to explain sth (说明某事物用的)示例, 实例, 例证.
illustrative / 5IlEstrEtIv; [email protected] I5lQs-; I`lQstrEtIv/ adj servingas an example or illustration 作为例证或图解的; 作说明用的; 解说性的: an illustrative quotation 说明性的引文 * That outburst was illustrative of her bad temper. 这一通发作适足说明她脾气坏.
illustrator n person who draws and paints pictures for books, etc 为书制作插图的人.