/ I5lu:Vn; I`luVEn/ n
(a) [C] false idea, belief or impression; delusion 错误的观念; 幻觉; 错觉: I have no illusions about my ability, ie I know that I am not very able. 我对自己的能力如何颇有自知之明(我知道自己的能力不很强). * We're left with few illusions about ourally. 我们的处境已不容我们对盟友再存多少幻想了. (b)[U] state of mind in which one is deceived in this way 幻觉; 错觉: You think that, do you? Pure illusion! 你是那麽想的吗? 纯粹是错觉!
[C] thing that a person wrongly believes to exist; false perception 幻想中的事物; 错觉: an optical illusion 光幻视 * In the hot sun the surface of the road seems wet, but that is only an illusion. 路面在烈日之下像是湿的, 然而这仅仅是错觉.
(idm 习语) be under an/the illusion (that...) believe wrongly 误信: I was under the illusion that he was honest until he was caught stealing some money. 他偷钱当场被人抓住, 在此之前我一直误以为他是个老实人.
> illusionist / -VEnIst; -VEnIst/ n person who does clever tricks on stage that deceive the audience; conjurer 魔术师; 幻术师.