/ aI5dentIkl; aI`dZntIkl/ adj
the ~ [attrib 作定语] the same 同一的: This is the identical room we stayed in last year. 这是我们去年住过的(同一间)房间.
~ (to/with sb/sth) similar in every detail; exactly alike 完全相同的; 一模一样的: They're wearing identical clothes. 他们穿着完全相同的衣服. * Their clothes are identical. 他们的衣服完全一样. * This picture is identical to one my mother has. 这张照片和我母亲的那张一模一样. > identically / -klI; -klI/ adv.
# i,dentical `twins twins born from a single egg andtherefore of the same sex and very similar in appearance同卵双生(同性双胎)(由一个受精卵发育而成, 性别相同, 外貌酷似).