/ haI5pCWEsIs; haI`pBWEsIs/ n (pl -ses / -si:z; -9siz/) idea or suggestion that is based on known facts and is used as a basis for reasoning or further investigation (根据已知事实提出并有待於进一步论证或研究的)假说, 假设: put sth forward as a hypothesis 提出一种假说 * prove/disprove a hypothesis 证明某种假设正确[不正确].
> hypothesize, -ise / haI5pCWEsaIz; 9haI`pBWE9saIz/ v [I, Tn, Tf] form a hypothesis; assume (sth) as a hypothesis 假设; 假定(某事物).
hypothetical / 9haIpE5WetIkl; 9haIpE`WZtIkl/ adj of or based on a hypothesis; not necessarily true or real (基於)假设的; 未必是事实的. hypothetically / -klI; -klI/adv.