/ 5hQNgE(r); `hQN^L/ n
[U] (a) state of not having enough to eat; lack of food 饿; 饥饿: He died of hunger. 他饿死了. (b) desire for food 食慾: satisfy one's hunger 解饿.
[sing] ~ for sth (fig 比喻) strong desire for sth 渴望某事物: have a hunger for adventure 渴望冒险.
> hunger v
1 [I] (arch 古) feel a lack of or desire for food 饥饿.
2 (phr v) hunger for/after sth/sb have a strong desire for sth/sb; long for sth/sb 渴望得到某事物[某人]: She hungered for his love. 她渴望得到他的爱.
# `hunger march long walk undertaken by unemployed people to make others aware of their sufferings (失业者的)反饥饿游行.
`hunger strike refusal to take food, esp by a prisoner, as a form of protest 绝食抗议(尤指囚犯的): be/go on (a) hunger strike 进行绝食抗议. `hunger striker.