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(of birds, etc) remain in the air in one place (指鸟等)?翔, 盘旋: a hawk hovering above/over its prey 在猎物头顶上盘旋的一只鹰 * There was a helicopter hovering overhead. 有一架直升飞机在头顶上盘旋.
(a) (of a person) wait in a timid and uncertain manner (指人)彷徨, 踌躇: I can't work with you hovering over me like that. 你那样拿不定主意, 我实在无法与你合作. * She's always hovering around the place annoying people. 她老是在周围转来转去打搅别人. * He hovered about outside, too afraid to go in. 他在外面犹豫徘徊, 因过於胆怯而不敢进去. (b) remain near sth or in an uncertain state 留在某事物近旁; 维持某种不确定状态: hovering between life and death 处於生死之间 * a country hovering on the brink of war 陷於战争边缘的国家.
# `hovercraft n (pl unchanged 复数不变) vehicle that is capable of moving over land or water while supported on a cushion of air made by jet engines 气垫飞行器, 悬浮运载工具(藉喷气发动机所产生的气垫支持, 可在陆地或水面的上方运行); 气垫船; 悬浮车.