/ 5aUE(r); aJr/ n
[C] twenty-fourth part of a day and night; 60 minutes 小时: The film starts at 7.30 and lasts two hours. 影片7点30分开演, 演两个小时. * work a forty-hour week 每周工作四十小时 * a three hours' journey/a three-hour journey 三小时的旅程. =>App 5 见附录5.
(a) [C] number of hours past midnight, eg 1 o'clock, 2 o'clock, etc, as indicated by a clock, watch, etc 钟点; 点钟(如一点钟﹑ 两点钟等): The clock strikes the hours but not the half-hours. 这个钟是正点打点而不是半小时打点. (b) hours [pl] (fml 文) (used when calculating time according to the 24-hour clock 用於24小时计时制): It's eighteen hundred hours, ie 6 pm. 现在是十八点整(下午6点). * It's twenty-one thirty hours, ie 9.30 pm. 现在是二十一点三十分(晚上9点30分).
hours [pl] fixed period of time for work, use of facilities, etc (工作﹑ 设施等的)固定时间: hours of business 营业时间 * Office hours are from 9 am to 5 pm. 办公时间从上午9点到下午5点. * Doctors work long hours. 医生的工作时间很长.
[C usu sing 通常作单数] period of about an hour, usu set aside for a specified purpose 约一小时的时间(通常指作某用途的): a long lunch hour 很长的午餐时间.
[C] distance that can be travelled in an hour 一小时的行程: London's only two hours away. 到伦敦只需两小时.
[C] point in time 某一时刻: He came at the agreed hour. 他在约定时间来到了. * Who can be ringing us at this late hour? 谁能在这麽晚的时间给我们打电话呢?
[C usu sing 通常作单数] indefinite period of time 不确定的一段时间: the country's finest hour 乡村中最好的时间 * She helped me in my hour of need. 她在我需要的时候帮助了我.
(idm 习语) ,after `hours after a period of regular business, etc 下班後: Staff must stay behind after hours to catch up on their work. 下班後工作人员需要留下来把工作赶完. at/till `all hours at/till any time, however unsuitable or inconvenient 在[]任何时候(不管多麽不适宜或不方便)亦在所不惜: She stays out till all hours, ie very late. 她在外面一直呆到很晚的时候. * He's inclined to telephone at all hours of the day or night. 他不分白天黑夜, 想打电话就打. at the e,leventh `hour at the last possible moment; only just in time 在最後的时刻; 刚刚来得及: The president's visit was called off at the eleventh hour. 总裁的这次访问到时取消了. * [attrib 作定语] an e,leventh-hour de`cision 犹未为晚的决定. the early hours => early. keep late, early, regular, etc `hours go to bed or work late, early, for a normal and regular period of time, etc 作息时间较正常的或规定的时间等为晚﹑ 为早等. on the `hour at exactly 1 o'clock, 2 o'clock, 3 o'clock, etc 在某一正点: My appointment was for 9 am and I arrived on the hour, ie at 9 am precisely. 我的约会时间定在上午9点, 我到达时9点整. * The London bus departs every hour on the hour. 伦敦的公共汽车每小时零分开出一趟. ,out of `hours (a) before or after one's regular work time 在工作时间之外. (b) (esp Brit) during times when alcohol may no longer be sold in bars 在酒吧间不再售酒的时候. the small hours => small. one's waking hours => wake1.
> hourly / 5aUElI; `aJrlI/ adv
1 every hour 每小时(一次): This medicine is to be taken hourly. 这药每小时服一次.
2 at any time 随时: We're expecting news hourly. 我们时刻期待着消息. adj 1 done or occurring every hour 每小时一次的: an hourly bus service 每小时一班的公共汽车 * Trains leave at hourly intervals. 列车每隔一小时开出一趟. 2 calculated by the hour 按钟点计算的: be paid on an hourly basis 按钟点获取报酬. 3 continual; frequent 不断的; 频繁的: live in hourly dread of being discovered 时时刻刻担心被人发觉.
# `hourglass n glass container holding fine sand that takes an hour to pass through the narrow gap from the upper to the lower section (一小时的)沙漏(玻璃漏壶, 内盛细沙由上部经细小之腰部漏到下部, 於一小时後漏尽).
`hour-hand n small hand on a clock or watch, indicating the hour (钟表的)时针.