/ 5hCstaIl; [email protected] -tl; `hBstl/ adj
~ (to/towards sb/sth) (a) showing strong dislike or enmity; very unfriendly 显示极厌恶的; 含敌意的; 极不友好的: a hostile crowd, glance, review, reception 怀有敌意的群众﹑ 一瞥﹑ 评论﹑ 接待 * She found his manner towards her distinctly hostile. 她觉得他对她的态度极不友好. (b) [usu pred 通常作表语] showing rejection of sth; opposed to sth 对某事物持否定态度; 反对某事物: be hostile to reform 反对改革.
of an enemy; warlike 敌人的; 敌方的; 敌对的: hostile aircraft 敌机. > hostilely adv.