/ 5hCstIdV; `hBstIdV/ n
person held as a captive by one or more others who threaten to keep, harm or kill him unless certain demands are met 人质: The hijackers kept the pilot on board the plane as (a) hostage. 劫机者把飞机驾驶员扣留在飞机上作为人质.
(idm 习语) a ,hostage to `fortune (fml 文) person or thing that one acquires and may then suffer by losing, esp a husband or wife or child 希望得到的但需蒙受可能失去之痛苦的人或事物(尤指配偶或子女). take/hold sb `hostage seize/keep sb as a hostage 抓住[扣押]某人作为人质: The gunman is holding two children hostage in the building. 持枪歹徒把两个孩子扣押在这座建筑物里当作人质.